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        NO.293-297 Yangcun  Road,yiwu economic development zone,yiwu city Zhejiang, P.R. CHINA


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        established in 1984, is a manufacturer of various fire fighting hoses and related accessories. We offer such hoses as double rubber, rubber lined and polyurethane lined hoses, coated hoses, light-type TPE hoses, colorful hoses and reel hoses. 
        Today, we are one of the largest manufacturers of fire hose in China, and use circular looms and polyurethane extruder imported from Norway and Germany to produce our quality hoses. Production capacity is up to 8,000,000 meters a year and our "Minan" brand of quality products are completely guaranteed. 
        Not only are we very experienced in product development, but our products are manufactured according to select international quality standards including ISO9001 stipulations. We hope that you will choose our brand of competitively priced quality products. Please contact us for further details and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

        Welcome to Zhejiang Minan Fire-fighting Equipment Co., Ltd.

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